Surgery offered can be included for:

  • Surgical reconstruction may be unexpectedly required after routine gynaecological operation
  • Part of extensive treatment for advanced cancer such as rebuilding the vagina after radical cancer treatment

Surgery offered can also help with symptoms of:

  • Reconstruction to correct pelvic organ prolapse due possibly to:
    • Bulging or drooping of the uterus into or outside of the vagina
    • A feeling of pelvic fullness or pressure
    • A pulling or stretching in the groin area or lower back
    • Painful intercourse otherwise known as dyspareunia
    • Spotting or bleeding from the vagina
  • Incontinence
    Unwanted leakage of urine occurring during exercise, coughing, sneezing, laughing or any type of body movement that places pressure on the bladder
  • Aesthetic vaginal repair
    • To correct abnormalities
    • To increase confidence
    • To increase their feeling of well-being
    • To maintain a youthful appearance
    • To correct problems caused by the aging process, trauma or injury